- people are not blind to colour in a colour conscious society
- racism affects black and white people both but differently
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Controversial Casey review
While the review highlights variety of socio-cultural negativities, most prevalent in some Muslims, it lacks adequate focus on why things are as they are – for example, barriers to integration which many say are the dominant norms as well as the conflicts and contradiction within these norms. The strategically appointed community secretary Sajid Javid immediately defended the widely disowned ... read more
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Divisive Harrow East MP

Harrow council meeting on 30 November 2017 passed a resolution condemning that Bob Blackman MP had hosted an Indian extremist keynote speaker who has written articles that are regarded by many in the Harrow community as divisive . . . read more
The Tory Party remains the nasty party - and soft on racists within it - regularly beset by allegations of racism against its MPs, councillors and candidates ... read more
Tory party remains soft on racism, islamophobia and anti-semitism
BBC bias challenged!

Further to the Commons debate about BBC bias, a group of private individuals is bringing a case for judicial review of the way the BBC measures impartiality.
.. read more

Not only Corbyn but our democracy is under attack
"People's Vote" – another massive protest in London  

People uprisings continues: soon after Extinction Rebellion and Climate protest, “People's Vote” another massive protest in London - organisers said up to a million. Protesters demanding another Brexit referendum - a final say on Britain’s exit from the European Union ..... watch video recorded on 19 October 2019

The British politics has taken a nasty turn since the last London mayor and Brexit campaigns where distortion, lies and personal attacks have been so obvious. While none of this is acceptable, what now becomes most concerning is the foreign sponsored try to interfere with our democracy and democratic process as seen in recent attempts to topple democratically elected opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn.
The players want to topple him through any means because of his solidarity with Palestine people .... read more

Public finances heading further into red

Borrowing for the six months to September has now hit £40.3bn, up £7.4bn from the same period in 2018.
In the month of September, borrowing was £9.4bn - slightly lower than expected but still up from £8.8bn last year.
According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the borrowing figures for September mark the first annual rise in that month for five years.
John Hawksworth, chief economist at PwC, said: "Today's data showed the UK public finances heading further into the red, with the deficit more than £7bn higher in the first half of this financial year than the same period last year”.

Racial harassment is alive
Racial harassment is a common occurrence in British universities. Good to see that racial harassment has now been acknowledged. Like racism, racial harassment is not really admitted and subsumed under ‘hate crime’ - Government funded hate crime industry is thriving though mostly ineffective ... read more
Johnson not fit for high office, wider view
Johnson “a racist PM, and a racist candidate” ... read more