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  • people are not blind to colour in a colour conscious society
  • racism affects black and white people both but differently
  • racial harassment is anti human rights - more than hate crime
  • equal opportunity is to practise 'different but equal'
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LFEPA & Harrow

6 March 2012




It is good that Councillor Susan Hall can show some community sense at LFEPA level but in her borough her actions like the ‘walk out’ from the Harrow Council’s budget meeting on 16 February have raised serious community concerns, for example:


“The Council meeting setting the budget for the coming year is neither the time or place for Susan Hall's immature and self indulgent tantrums.  When, for no apparent reason, she has an incomprehensible rant and announces her group are leaving the meeting some of them did, albeit reluctantly, but not far short of half did not”: comment by Jade in the Harrow Times at 1:24am on Tue 21 Feb 12 http://www.harrowtimes.co.uk/news/9542113.Labour_/


 “Her total contempt of the democratic process we lesser mortals cherish so dearly, is precisely what one has come to expect from her, ever since she has become opposition party leader in the Harrow Council. It must be a matter of grave concern to fair-minded Tories that their local leader is letting their team down and damaging their image so badly.”: comment by S. Malkani in the Harrow Times at 7:43pm Wed 22 Feb 12   http://www.harrowtimes.co.uk/news/9542113.Labour_/


Councillor “Hall's explanation is a classic case of digging yourself deeper in ...... why claim the Tory Group walked out when only a third of them followed Susan Hall and even after the whips had gone back in more than half stayed in the chamber”: comment by Jade in the Harrow Times at 11:59pm Wed 22 Feb 12 



“Cllr Hall had several days to look at the document and ask the officers for an explanation if she could not understand part of it. But instead she waited for the meeting to make a fuss and walk out”. “... at least two thirds of her group remained in the chamber”: Cllr Omar: the Harrow Time letter of 1 March.


Outbursts like a ‘walk out’ adversely impact the democracy and civic duty that the councillors are expected to represent. Within its aims and objectives, the HCJ is committed to raise public awareness of any inadequacies demonstrated by the elected representatives like the councillors, and we will continue doing so in public interest.

The HCJ is not under the influence of any political party nor it is in the business of promoting councillors or other elected representatives but it shares its analysis of socio-political and economic situations with voters to help them to make well informed democratic choices.

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