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    Our positions
  • people are not blind to colour in a colour conscious society
  • racism affects black and white people both but differently
  • racial harassment is anti human rights - more than hate crime
  • equal opportunity is to practise 'different but equal'
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Twinning - Harrow's situation: The Harrow Council for Justice supports the town twinning because the twinning is a declaration to acknowledge and value others in different parts of the world.
The HCJ appreciates the tight financial atmosphere at present and therefore wishes for a simple and healthy exchange of different but equally important experiences in the most appropriate and cost-effective ways.

Given the possibilities of imaginative twinning which can have minimum resource implication, it is odd that while many councils are widening up their socio-cultural links with the outside world through a variety of initiatives, Harrow has limited links and is primarily relying on ‘Harrow in Europe’ where the main interaction of this council-funded organisation seems to be with France.

Despite this, there seem to be no objections to retaining the present twinning arrangements but there is a strong case to evaluate their effectiveness as well as to assess whether it would be more beneficial to widen up Harrow’s civic links with equally diverse towns in other countries by having multiple active links through further arrangements, using modern means such as the Internet or other available communal resources to help any visits or visitors.

Like in other parts of the country, celebrating and encouraging wider international links can be a significant advantage, both to the harmony of the borough and its future socio-cultural and economic developments.
As the democratic process progresses, no doubt there will be differing views about the nature of the twinning but such expressions need not project further negative imagery of the people or places concerned.


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